Learn about Centralia and what being a CAREA Partner Centre means. 

First a potted history!

The word 'partner' is an important one.  In the past reflexology trainers did not have a real opportunity to share their knowledge or their expertise with one another - there were good membership organisations and then Awarding Organisations, but none were able to facilitate this aspect.  When learning became unit and credit based (end 2010) the authority for training and education was removed from our Membership/Professional Organisations and was given to Awarding Organisations/Bodies.    

It was at this time (2011) that Centralia was born.  Centralia became a Recognised Centre for Agored Cymru - an Awarding Orgnaisation and a suite of reflexology units under the QALL pillar of learning were developed. Inspira Academy then taught two UK Level 5 courses to pilot the training and it was a huge success.   In the meantime, other training centres were delivering the 'new' Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology, but many were unhappy with what they had to teach, especially as out of 7 units, only one was specific to reflexology.  All subjects were specific to reflexology in the new Level 5 qualification!   Centralia were approached as others became excited in being able to teach at Level 5, particularly as having the opportunity to re-write and develop the reflexology units, it had been possible to make huge improvements, but also to recognise and avoid mistakes made by other reflexology qualifications previously.    


In 2012 the first Centralia Partner Centres were born and the first meeting was held in a rugby club in South Wales and for some it was the first time they had ventured across the Severn bridge, but it certainly was not the last!   Centralia Partner Centres continue to meet every year in the springtime, when we have a 2 day midweek conference where we discuss the qualification and ways to continue to develop and provide the most exceptional reflexology training in the UK. 

10 year later, was another shift as some Centres remain with Agored Cymru, but Centralia move with some of the old and some new Centres so that reflexology training and the qualification can reflect the growing realisation that Integrated Health and Integrated Medicine as being of prime importance to achieve holistic wellbeing.  Centralia evolve into Centralia Advanced Reflexology Education Authority (CAREA) and develop a new qualification with OTHM called the Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine.  And Centres will be teaching the Reflexology Practitioners of the future.

In February 2023 the CAREA Centres met to learn Duopody Reflexology, CALM Technique and a newly developed NEPIP routine that encompasses not only the systems involved in our self - healing, but also involves raising consciousness for both Practitioner and Client.  As far as we know, there is no other group of Reflexology Trainers in the world that have united in this way!   It has been done as the need for a solid foundation reflexology technique becomes imperative if reflexology is to be accepted by other health modalities and health providers.   Duopody Reflexology has been included in a Masters Degree for Doctors studying Pain Management, and they will be learning why it will sometimes be relevant to refer to a Duopody Reflexologist.  Duopody is understood by them because the treatment is based on The PodyCharts and is precise anatomical reflection of systems from the body onto the feet and lower legs.  This solid foundation of anatomical knowledge, in turn leads to an understanding of how and why pathologies and illnesses reflect and how to treat them.  The CAREA Centres are able to provide advanced knowledge, skills and other treatment protocols and techniques unlike any other training programme at any level!  for multiple other techniques.    After a very potted history of Centralia and CAREA here are the brief details of what being a Centralia Partner Centre (CPC) entails:   

  • Each CC has to agree to sign a Memorandum of Understanding which includes:
  • Teaching 'face to face' a minimum of 160 hours - the qualification has 120 credits and these are transferable via the European Credit Transfer System, which although says European, they are recognised globally 
  • Every CPC agrees to the same minimum fee for the training course and this is reviewed each year - no under cutting or over pricing 
  • We meet annually to review our qualification and its content and share best practice
  • Tutors must have teaching qualifications equivalent to a level 5 and must have a track record of practical experience
  • Each of the eight units has CAREA manuals for learners to ensure that all CPC's deliver a standardised syllabus, not to be confused with prescriptive teaching as all CPC's have the autonomy to deliver in the way that best suits them and will add to the manuals.  All about firm foundations of knowledge and skills!
  • Every unit has assessments that must be passed by every learner to achieve the qualification. This ensures standardisation of both practical and theoretical expertise
  • CAREA Partner Centres internally verify both delivery and assessing of the qualification.   The CAREA Internal Quality Assurer makes a remote visit for every group.  The tutor is observed teaching theoretically and practically, Learners practical knowledge is evidenced and a 'Learners Voice' takes place so that students have the opportunity to speak freely.  There is a Tutors Voice too!   Evidence of assessment from every learner and from every assessment is undertaken for every group towards the end of their teaching programme.  We are all very passionate about the need to retain extremely high standards and welcome these visits as they are seen as an opportunity to develop and excel.
  • OTHM also carry out and external quality assurance audit and they check all policies and procedures and also a random sample of the Internally audited assessments

Becoming a CAREA Centre

After you make contact with CAREA and provide details of your own qualifications, we will discuss where it is you want to set up your Centre as we have a general rule of 30 miles between CPC's unless in a highly populated urban area, in which case there can be multiple CPC's.  After the preliminary's, you will then be invited to attend an Induction training programme and learn Duopody, CALM and NEPIP (unless you already know them because you have trained at a CAREA Centre).   

Includes training manuals, treatment films, guidance on all administrative procedure and unlimited support thereafter.  The CAREA Centres have a whattsapp group and communicate regularly and a mentoring system is in place to ensure you feel completely supported at all times.

Are you interested?

Please get in touch by telephone or email and we will look forward to discussing your exciting new venture ...

To Contact CAREA/Centralia  - CLICK HERE


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