• the ONLY authorised route to Level 5 training
  • CENTRALIA : Agored Cymru
  • CAREA provides access to the OTHM L5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine

  • CAREA is an independent Approved Centre,
    fully regulated by the International Awarding and Qualification Organisation OTHM.

  • Advancing reflexology into the FUTURE with the "CAREA Matrix" - 3 amazing NEW techniques taught nowhere else!

*CAREA is an independent Approved Centre, fully regulated by the International Awarding Body and Qualification Organisation OTHM and the UK regulators OFQUAL.

* CAREA provides access to the UK's ONLY Specialist reflexology Diploma Qualification at Level 5 that embraces Integrated Medicine.

* Via CAREA and the OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine, this qualification currently provides the MOST INNOVATIVE regulated route to Level 5 training (including a Level 6 unit)

* CAREA is determined and committed to the provision of exceptional services to its Centres of Excellence and their students, throughout England, Wales Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland

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*After writing the qualification Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology units, core curriculum and syllabus  for Welsh Awarding body Agored Cymru, CAREA progressed by joining up with the International Awarding Body OTHM to deliver "Next Generation" reflexology training

* The MOST progressive reflexology programme in the UKand Ireland, authorised and fully regulated under the frameworks of the Awarding Body OTHM and the UK regulator OFQUAL.

* The reflexology course for the FUTURE!

* This qualification is under the Skills for Health Sector:

   Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine

* The CAREA OTHM Level 5 course is the ONLY reflexology course in the UK and Ireland that is recognised worldwide by the ECTS System of credit transfer

* The CAREA OTHM Level 5 course is the ONLY reflexology course in the UK and Ireland that has 120 credits

* The CAREA OTHM Level 5 course is the ONLY reflexology course in the UK and Ireland with 1 unit at Level 6

* The CAREA OTHM Level 5 course is the ONLY reflexology course in the UK and Ireland with the "CAREA Matrix" - 3 revolutionary techniques taught at ALL centres and nowhere else - Duopody, NEPIP & CALM!

* CAREA are the link between the Awarding Organisation and the Centres Reflexology Tutors  


What will you learn at a CAREA Centre of Excellence?

Duopody is a two feet and bi manual technique that accurately reflects anatomical systems and takes the best of earlier techniques and moves reflexology forward and to a higher level than ever before.   Duopodists / Duopody Reflexologists are able to use evidence based methods to achieve optimum outcomes for the study clients when you are a student.   This means you have a ready made practice when you graduate as the majority of study clients are amazed at the outcomes, especially if they have had other forms of reflexology previously.    Duopody is supported by the world renowned Podycharts textbook which is a series of precise anatomical reflection of all the body systems, and this together with Duopody has propelled the acceptance of Duopody reflexology into the realms of other Health Practices, including the NHS. 

Duopody is not only amazingly effective for clients! Because the Practitioner works both feet simultaneously means they do not overwork their thumbs, fingers or hands, and do not experience postural issues (as many reflexologists do who work one foot at a time) as they are 'centred'.  The outcome is that if you really love being a reflexology practitioner, you will be able to do it for as long as you want to, without having to give up because of overworked joints or similar!   

Duopody is the reflexology technique for the future and is already a part of a Complementary Therapy module for Doctors studying for a Masters Degree in Pain Management, not to learn the technique, but to understand how and why it works and so they can refer to a Duopody Reflexologist as an alternative for management of pain.  Integrative Medicine working between Health Professionals and in this instance between Doctors and Duopodists!   Studying on a qualification that includes Integrative Medicine is also to learn and understand how to empower your study clients / clients in beneficial health and lifestyle practices. 

But Duopody is just the beginning of the story when you learn at a CAREA Centre of Excellence, as there are two more exclusive reflexology treatments that are a part of the CAREA Matrix:

NEPIP (Neurology / Endocrinology / Psychology / Immunology and Pody = Feet) NEPIP includes the study of psychology in Health and Illness and explores the power of thought and its effect on the physical body and mind processes.  Its focus is on what happens to our body and mind when we are stressed.  This amazing technique treats the body systems that are most involved in stress responses and how to help our clients/patients cope with life and all that it regularly throws at us.  The person receiving the treatment becomes involved in activating their own healing processes, allowing them the opportunity to safely release long (or short) held beliefs that may have been restricting their physical and mental wellbeing.  A remarkable treatment and graduates from the Licenced CAREA Academies, often specialise in 'Stress Management' as NEPIP Practitioners.

CALM treatments move away from the clinical and evidenced based Duopody and NEPIP treatments as the treatment is for those who are at end of life, or have life limiting illness.  The focus moves from helping activate the body's innate ability to heal and the reflexologist 'tunes into' and engages with the persons indentified highs and lows of energy and gently, redistributes any energetic imbalances.  A very beautiful treatment and one that recipients report as bringing about 'a great sense of peace' and 'feeling of serenity'.  Licenced CAREA Academies all encourage student reflexologists to be both scientific and intuitive practitioners.  The Integrated Medicine approach that really does recognise The Body, the Mind and their  Energtic properties.

Only CAREA Academies, who are all graded as 'Centres of Excellence' have a Licence to Teach these 3 exceptional treatment techniques.  Learning these 3 teachniques makes the Duopody Reflexologist exceptional too and notably recognisable for their expertise.

To support all the ways in which we learn, not only will you have extensive, fully illustrated manuals, these treatments have been professionally filmed and are available to every student and are included in the tuition fees.   There are 8 authorised Units, and each one has a standardised CAREA Licenced Academy Student Manual, and as this is an educationally regulated qualification (the same as GCSE, AS, A levels and Degrees are), standards and standardisation is vitally important and the CAREA Academies are the only Reflexology Training Providers that provide standardisation in Reflexology Techniques as well as other skills, theory and knowledge.

These 3 treatments will be the foundation, the base for your treatments, but there is still more knowledge and treatment skills to learn as you will explore ancient healing methodologies e.g. from Chinese Medicine and the meridians and how they, like body systems, can be reflected on the feet, plus understanding the Organ Clock and how that information will help inform your evidence-based treatment planning.

It is only on the OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine will you be instructed and gain the knowledge and skills to devise a clinical, evidence-based treatment.   Not from a list of ‘for this condition / pathology you will treat this, this and that reflex’, but from taking a truly holistic approach to ALL evidence and using your knowledge of pathologies/conditions combined with many other ‘health detective clues’ to create a new bespoke treatment every time you treat!   You will never be bored as a DuoPody Reflexologist, you will always be intrigued by the people you treat, you will always be able to give a treatment designed each time by YOU for THEM.  When you see what you will learn and how, you will understand why other Health Professionals want to know more too!


What does Integrated Medicine mean and do I need to be medically trained to enrol at a CAREA Centre of Excellence?

Integrated Medicine is a positive move forward that is being embraced by many Health Professionals, including many Health Authorities, and at CAREA Centres of Excellence we are thrilled to be the first reflexology qualification to be a part of this multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach. Reflexology is an awesome therapy, but often a client will also benefit from other support, a nutritionist or chiropractor for example, and the aim is that our graduates be sought after for inclusion in the growing number of health centres that offer Integrated healthcare and wellbeing and Integrated Medicine.   A growing number of GP’s and Consultants are exploring and setting up Health Centres that include other health practices ~ including DuoPody Reflexology.

Integrated Medicine also means that our students will learn about a multi-faceted approach to treating a person.  No long list of contra-indications to reflexology because you will learn an evidence-based approach that can be applied to all ages and all conditions.  This is why there is a level 6 unit module and it is only taught at CAREA Centres teaching the OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine.

No, you do not need to be medically trained to study with us and you don’t need to have studied any other level of reflexology either. 


Have you ever considered teaching Level 5 reflexology? 

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