• the ONLY authorised route to Level 5 training
  • CENTRALIA : Agored Cymru
  • Centralia provides access to the Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

  • Centralia is an independent Approved Centre,
    fully regulated by the Awarding and Qualification Organisation Agored Cymru.

Providing access to excellence in reflexology training

CENTRALIA - Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

Centralia is an independent Approved Centre, fully regulated by the Awarding and Qualification Organisation, Agored Cymru and the UK regulators OFQUAL & Qualifications in Wales.

Centralia provides access to the UK's first Reflexology Diploma qualification at Level 5.

Via Centralia, the Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology qualification currently provides the ONLY authorised route to Level 5 training for Reflexology Training Centres and Centralia is determined and committed to the provision of exceptional services to its Partner Centres throughout the UK and Ireland.

Centralia is the only FULL member of RiEN (Reflexology in Europe Nexus) in the UK.  RiEN is a network that connects organisations and exchanges knowledge of reflexology, education and political situation of reflexologists in different countries across Europe.

Teaching Reflexology

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Welcome to Centralia 

Maintaining and raising reflexology standards

Centralia are the link between the Awarding Organisation and the Reflexology Trainers - the Centralia Centres.

What does it mean if you teach or learn at a Centralia Centre?

  • A new era in standardised and quality assured Reflexology training, both theoretical and practical 
  • Access to the UK's ONLY authorised and fully regulated Level 5 Reflexology Course under the frameworks of both Qualification in Wales and OFQUAL
  • Access to a course under the Skills for Health Sector:  Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine (this is the only reflexology course in the UK under this sector)
  • Levels denote the complexity of the learning.   Level Five can be taught in Further and Higher Education, but not in Schools.   (Level 3 can be taught in schools and FE, but not in University (HE) - Click here for diagram detailing levels -  CQFW
  • Five Units/Modules that are specific to reflexology.  No generic learning that covers multiple modalities.
  • All units, learning criteria, learning outcomes and assessments are standardised throughout the UK Centralia Centres  
  • Reflexology training that meets ALL current regulatory standards - and more
  • As the qualification has been designed to ensure that the learning is progressive, the starting point was based against the Core Curriculum for Reflexology
  • Centralia Centre tutors will offer practical individualised training, but in addition, all Centralia Centres also instruct in a treatment technique called NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody - NEPIP with additional theoretical learning to help in understanding behaviour and in particular, stress responses and the impact on our nervous and endocrine systems and how this then impacts on our immunity to disease 
  • The aim of a Level 5 Course is to produce confident, knowledgeable, highly trained, clinical, therapeutic and professional practitioners of the future
  • Centralia is a forward thinking organisation with forward thinking Centralia Centres and tutors which then reflects in the Practitioners they qualify as many of them will also be forward thinking ...
  • A syllabus that is constantly upgraded by the leading reflexology trainers in the UK
  • Aspiring to teach with advancement of our wonderful profession as objective
  • Centralia Centres constantly advocate the progression of Reflexology training in the UK
  • Centralia are the ONLY organisation accepted by the Reflexology in Europe Nexus (RiEN) and attend the Annual General Meeting providing input to the development of reflexology within Europe as well as the UK
  • Delivery of Reflexology Course units that are 100% Reflexology
  • Exceptional course content 
  • Fair and thorough learner assessment and evidence format
  • Focusing and elevating the learner experience
  • Leading the way in professional reflexology training

Have you ever dreamt of teaching reflexology?   If you have a minimum of three years practice as a reflexologist and if you have a teacher training qualification to level 5 (or are willing to study for it) then please get in touch as you may wish to consider becoming a Partnership Centre with ...

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NEW CENTRES 2022 - 2023

Centralia are proud to announce NEW Partner Centres venues for





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