CENTRALIA aim to provide an objective, fair and impartial assessment process. We have rules and guidance that regulate the implementation and adherence to ensure a fair, robust and high quality of service is delivered to all our students and customers.

In order for all students to attain fair assessment within the courses/units/qualifications, the process of assessment will contain the fairest possible means for all candidates to fully achieve maximum learning.


This policy covers the arrangements for fair assessment for students taking any Centralia course accredited by Agored Cymru. Students are made aware of the existence of this policy and have open access to it on paper in a folder from their tutor or on the Centralia website at: www.centralia.org.uk

All tutors teaching within Centralia and its partners are made aware of the contents and purpose of this policy. This policy is reviewed annually and may be revised in response to feedback from students, tutors, and external organisations.


Every learner/candidate participating in a Centralia course at an Approved Agored Cymru centre (or Partner Centre) will be assessed fairly. That means that:

  • Assessment will be a test of what the student knows, what they understand, and what they are able to do.
  • For any particular course, every student will be assessed using the same overall set of exercises and criteria.
  • Assessments will be standardised across different tutors and classes to ensure that all students have been judged against the same standards.
  • Centralia is committed to its Equality and Diversity Policies. An "Open Morning" – interview is available to all potential learners in order that they may assure themselves of the suitability of Centralia courses/units.

    Various forms of assessment will be used within the classroom to allow for cognitive, psycho-motor and effective learning styles which will ensure equality of opportunity to develop and understand the course content on both a practical and theoretical level. This promotes a clear and sequential development which also encompasses differentiation by both task and by outcome.

    Group tutorials are arranged (without a staff member present) in order that the learners may discuss and then present their outcome to Centralia tutors. Thereafter any amendments adjustments to the course content and/or delivery, if reasonable/suitable, will be made. This process is welcomed as an opportunity to change and /or improve with direct input from the learners themselves.

    Reasonable adjustments will be made to include:

    • Coloured overlays
    • Coloured handouts
    • Auditory support

    Extra time for written examination, etc

    This list is not exhaustive, but any possible barriers to learning will be removed to ensure equality of opportunity and inclusive learning.

    **Please note that some special considerations will be exempted as there is a need on some courses to demonstrate practical and theoretical competences in order to practice.


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