Centralia: The Approved Agored Cymru Centre based in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. 

Working with the Centralia Partner Centres who are based throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland, delivering the

OTHM Level 5 Diploma Applied Reflexology for Integrated Medicine

The two Directors of Centralia are: Sue Alma Evans BA(Hons) and Paul Steward BSc. Sue and Paul also run the highly successful Inspira Academy for Reflexology and Reiki.



Sue Alma Evans has a BA(Hons) gained at the University of Glamorgan

Sue has been involved in reflexology for more than 30 years and is author of the treatment protocols: Duopody / CALM for Palliative Care / CALM for Stress.   She is also co-author and illustrator with Annie Trigg of the world renowned reference text:  The PodyCharts and treatment protocol, OrthoPody.   With Jane Powell, Sue developed a module for Doctors studying at Cardiff University on their Masters Degree in Pain Management in order that they have an understanding of Duopody Reflexology and know how and when to refer to a Duopodist / Level 5 Practitioner

Sue developed the original Level 5 Reflexology units in association with the awarding body Agored Cymru under the guidance of the Health Development Manager. The Level 5 units are fully compliant to all reflexology standards and Centralia standards and quality assurance are of the highest standards in the UK.    The Agored Cymru:  Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology units are unique and ground breaking as they are 'holistic' units which make them more suitable to CAM's than other Diplomas/Degrees.    

Previously Sue was responsible for the writing and presentation of the Reflexology, Reiki and Research units of the University of Glamorgan's HND in Complementary Therapies

Sue progressed and became the author and lecturer of the Reflexology module on the degree course in Complementary Therapies at Cardiff's Metropolitan University (formerly UWIC), as well as being a Research Dissertation Superviser for the degree

Sue and Paul opened Inspira Reflexology Academy in 2000 and have been awarded the Philip Salmon Award for Outstanding Services to Reflexology

Paul Steward is a former professional musician and has a BSc in Music Technology from the University of Glamorgan. Paul's role with Centralia and Inspira is one of Administrator.   Paul, although not formerly trained in Reflexology, is extremely knowledgeable and is also a Reiki Master.   Each year Paul hosts the Centralia AGM, taking care of the two days proceedings and also organising the social aspect with the Annual Dinner!


Centralia Internal Quality Assurer:



Ceri Maunder

Ceri is a past Inspira Academy of Relexology student with many years of clinical and therapeutic practice experience.   Ceri carries out the Centralia audit for every group of the Centralia Partner Centres.   The Centralia Partner Centre tutor role is to teach their students as well as possible, and it is Ceri's role to check that the teachers have done just that!   Ceri then liaises with Agored Cymru who carry out their External Quality Assurance making sure that the Learners > Teachers > Centralia route is really effective.   Ceri ensures that standards are kept at the highest level possible!


Centralia has a commitment to upholding the highest standards in Reflexology Training.


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