Centralia is committed to providing excellence on every level, supporting and encouraging everyone involved to achieve their maximum potential in a safe, structured and enjoyable environment.

Centralia does not envisage providing training for children, however, it is developing training units for adults with mild to moderate learning difficulties who may be deemed to be vulnerable.

Centralia will ensure that any staff working in Partnership Centres accredited by Centralia who work with children or vulnerable adults are checked to ensure that these learners are safeguarded against those previously convicted of certain crimes.

Staff will be appropriately trained and will ensure that on-going training is carried out in order to meet the needs of this client group and ensure their safety at all levels.

Centralia will provide support to individual needs and will also encourage and develop the opportunity to link with other supportive organisations.

An ethos of mutual respect and trust will be actively encouraged between staff and learners alike.


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