1. This policy covers malpractice by learners, Approved and Partnership Centre staff or others involved in the provision and assessment of the educational provision leading to recognition of achievement for completing Agored Cymru units / credits / qualifications and maladministration on the part of the Centre or any other party involved in the assessment process.
1.1. Malpractice is defined as a deliberate activity, neglect, default or other practice that compromises the integrity of the assessment process, and / or the validity of certificates.
1.2  Maladministration is any activity, neglect, default or other practice  that results in the Centre not complying with the specified requirements for delivery of the qualifications and as set out in the relevant codes of practice where applicable.

  1. Centralia seeks to ensure the avoidance of malpractice in every aspect of the assessment process, to undertake careful review of any reports of malpractice /maladministration and to take robust action to resolve any proven cases.
  2. Partnership Centres must report any irregularities in respect of non-compliance with internal assessment, internal moderation or examination procedures in writing to Centralia’s Quality Manager (Assessment) immediately they are discovered.
  3. Where suspected irregularities are reported to Centralia then Centralia will notify the Partnership Centre(s) and expect them to undertake an initial investigation into the suspected irregularities, reporting back to Centralia within 5 working days of receiving the request.
  4. All investigations are supervised by Centralia’s Quality Manager (Assessment), and each case will be judged on an individual basis in the light of information made available.
  5. Centralia will expect Partnership Centres to co-operate fully with Centralia, and will keep all staff and learners informed of the process throughout any investigation.
  6. Where malpractice is established the matter would be referred to Agored Cymru.  Centralia and Agored Cymru decisions will be commensurate with the gravity of the malpractice / maladministration identified. Centralia may impose conditions on the future involvement of any designated personnel in the conduct, supervision or administration of its assessments and / or revoke a centre’s qualification approval or recognition. Certificates may not be awarded and if already issued, may be declared invalid.
  7. Serious cases of malpractice, where the integrity of an award is put into question, will be reported to the regulatory authorities.
  8. Partnership Centres may appeal against any decisions taken by Centralia as a result of a malpractice investigation
  9. Centralia will endeavour to carry out all its processes and procedures, and will expect Partnership Centres to carry out their own duties, without undue delay.
  10. This policy will be reviewed every five years.


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