Policy Statement

Centralia and its Partnership Centres are committed to equal opportunities, both as an employer and as a service provider of training. It is committed to challenging discrimination in relation to race, ethnic origin, religious belief, class, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability and age.

Centralia and its Partnership Centres recognise and acknowledge the responsibility to put its policy into practice through awareness, training, education and support.

Centralia and its Partnership Centres will endeavour to review and monitor the effectiveness of its equal opportunity and diversity policy.


Complaints and Grievances

Centralia and its Partnership Centres equal opportunities policy will underpin the way in which Centralia/Partnership Centres will deal with all complaints and grievances.


Centralia/Partnership Centres will establish opportunities and procedures in all areas of recruitment and participation. These procedures will be clearly set out.

External Relations

Centralia/Partnership Centres will aim to ensure that the methods and content are accessible and relevant for all individuals and organisations that may use its services.

External relations procedures will assist in the promotion and public perception of Centralia and its Partnership Centres as an equal opportunities organisations.

Information and Advice Giving

Centralia and its Partnership Centres will endeavour to provide advice and information in an accessible manner to all individuals, students/candidates and tutors.

Centralia and its Partnership Centrers will aim to identify areas where it fails to provide a comprehensive service and establish the necessary procedures.

Employment and Management

Centralia and its Partnership Centres are committed to giving all potential employees, students/candidates and tutors equal opportunity and encouragement for personal development within the organisation. It will meet its obligations under the Race relations act, the Equal Opportunities Act, the Equal Pay act, the Disabled Persons Employment Act, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and any other relevant legislation that is or may become current.

    1. Recruitment – Centralia/Partnership Centres will establish a standard procedure for the appointment of staff whereby individuals are selected, promoted and/or treated solely according to merit and abilities, based on predetermined criteria that are appropriate to the job.
    2. Training – Centralia/Partnership Centres will provide training to improve individuals skills and prospects within the organisation to enhance their understanding of equal opportunities.
    3. Working Practices – Centralia/Partnership centres will work towards adopting a flexible approach to working practices.
    4. Terms and Conditions – An equal opportunities policy will be incorporated in to Centralia's and its Partnership Centres terms and conditions of employment and appeal and grievances procedures.


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