Centralia will endeavour at all times to create and foster a culture that promotes respect for each other and values individual differences.

We will not tolerate or ignore any form of discrimination behaviour from staff or learners and will provide equality of opportunity:

There are two main groups of learners:

  1. Adults (minimum age 18 years) – Studying the Level 5 Practitioner Course in Reflexology *
  2. Adults (minimum age 18 years) – with mild to moderate learning difficulties studying for:
    1. Life skills
    2. Complementary Therapy Skills

All service users, Carers, Staff and learners will have the opportunity to maximise their potential in an inclusive and participative environment.


* Please note that some special considerations will be exempted as there is a professional requirement to demonstrate practical and theoretical competences in order to practice Reflexology



**Centralia will not condone direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation or bullying.


If a staff member or learner feels they have been treated in a way that is inconsistent with this policy, they should initially convey this informally to the Course Tutor or Course Director.

An integrative and supportive methodology to training will enable learners to participate in a caring and stimulating environment


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