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Can I bridge from one level to another? From Level 3 to Level 5?

Unfortunately the answer is no.   

Levels show you the complexity of a subject and good comparisons are that Level 3 = AS/A levels and Level 5 = Years 1 + 2 of a First Degree and you cannot bridge from A level to Degree because you begin a completely new course and the way you learn and the work you have to produce is different.   The same applies with Level 3 and Level 5 and a learner has to complete all of the level 5 assessments to achieve the qualification.

I want to study reflexology at University, is the level 5 course a University course?

The Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology qualification can be taught at University, but it is not a degree course although its complexity and difficulty is equivalent to years 1 + 2 of a First Degree course.   Some Universities offer reflexology training in two ways: 
1) As part of a degree or
2) As a 'stand alone' therapy (in other words you only study the subjects around reflexology training).   

University reflexology courses may have an Awarding Organisation, but if they do then they will only be at Level 3 in which case this is too low a level to be taught as part of a degree.  If there is no Awarding Organisation and it is option 2) then the likliehood is that the training is completely unregulated and not a formal qualification.  However, if reflexology is taught within option 1)  The reflexology is still unregulated, but it does form a part of the overall degree as a qualification.  If a University wanted to offer a regulated Level 5 reflexology qualification, they would have to apply to be a Centralia Centre and have to prove their suitability to deliver at Level 5.   

To the best of our knowledge, there is no organisation that Quality Assures or Standardises the provision of reflexology training in UK universities.

Is Level 5 training better than Level 3?

What level you train at is nothing to do with whether it is 'better' or not!   Levels denote the complexity of achieving the qualification, but not everyone wants to study at a University and not everyone wants to study at level 5.   Level 5 is more difficult, although the subject area - reflexology - is the same.   There are Level Descriptors' on Awarding Organisations websites which will help you decide the level you think you would most enjoy studying at. 

I studied at Level 3 some years ago, should I now do a level 5 qualification?

This is a tricky question and therefore difficult to answer as so much depends on individual circumstances!   

For example:   Gregor and Elaine qualified in 2007 on a Level 3 Diploma.  Gregor started a private practice straight away, seeing a minimum of 6 clients every day for 3 days per week and 1 day per week, he works for a palliative care charity giving a peripatetic reflexology service in a 20 mile radius.  1 day per month has been dedicated to furthering his knowledge in reflexology and he regularly studies new research into all CAM's.   Elaine on the other hand, treats her friends and family on an informal basis and has attended two, one day CPD courses.   One of these Practitioners may really benefit from learning at Level 5, whilst the other may justifiably feel that they have continued their learning, long after qualifying, with little to be gained from studying at Level 5!

What is the difference between a membership organisation and an awarding organisation?

A membership organisation takes the responsibility of providing insurance cover for their members and often at a very reasonable rate.   They keep up to date with what is happening in the world of reflexology and pass that information on to their members.  They usually provide a media platform so that their members can 'socialise' with one another and share information.   They may have departments called training and/or education, but they are nothing to do with the regulation or development of reflexology qualifications.   They may advertise Schools/Colleges/Universities, but they have no role in regulating/quality assuring or standardising anything to do with reflexology qualifications - advertising role only!    Membership organisations often advertise CPD courses (sometimes their own, sometimes external providers).   Sadly CPD provision is still for the greater part, without any regulation or standards. 

Awarding Organisations are responsible for the development, delivery and regulation of all formal qualifications and if you have a Level 3 Diploma you will also have an Awarding Organisation certificate as proof that it is a formal qualification.   

Is my CPD recognised as a qualification?

There is very little CPD that is a regulated, formal qualification.   If you have a CPD certificate from an Awarding Organisation then it is a formal qualification with unit/s and credits.   Anything else is just pot luck and being Accredited or Validated by a membership organisation means nothing other than they have given a thumbs up to the training product and even if a training provider has to initially outline what they are intending to teach, sadly there is no guarantee of content or standard or quality assurance.


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