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  • CENTRALIA : Agored Cymru
  • Centralia provides access to the Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

  • Centralia is an independent Approved Centre,
    fully regulated by the Awarding and Qualification Organisation Agored Cymru.

Learn more about Centralia and what being a Centralia Partner Centre means!

The word 'partner' is an important one.  In the past reflexology trainers did not have a real opportunity to share their knowledge or their expertise with one another - there were good membership organisations and then Awarding Organisations, but none were able to facilitate this aspect.  When learning became unit and credit based the authority for training and education was removed from our Membership Organisations e.g.  Inspira Academy (Principal was Sue Alma Evans) was an Association of Reflexology (AoR) School and they did a really good job, but things changed for the AoR and their Schools were told they were no longer under their umbrella!.  So instead of the reflexology membership bodies 'controlling' what was taught and learned this 'control' shifted over to the Awarding Organisations/Bodies, but for the greater part they did not have the profession specific knowledge and reflexology qualifications entered a period of uncertaintity and what had been well regulated by the AoR and others, became full of opportunity for the less scrupulous and we saw the number of hours being taught lowered and even being offered on-line with no, or very little 'hands on' teaching, which whilst it may be a cheap option, does a dis-service to the magnificent profession of reflexology!  It was at this time that Centralia was born.  Centralia became an Approved Centre for Agored Cymru and wrote and developed a suite of reflexology units under the QALL pillar of learning which was only available in Wales.   Inspira Academy then taught two UK Level 5 courses, but of course, other training centres were also interested in being able to teach at Level 5, particularly as by re-writing reflexology units, it had been possible to make huge improvements, but also to recognise and avoid mistakes made by other reflexology qualifications previously.  One of the huge plusses of the level 5 qualification is that every subject taught is relevant to reflexology rather than being generic to many other modalities.

And in 2012 Centralia Centres were born!   Reflexology trainers already delivering the 'new' Level 3 Diploma (confusion reigned as there was an 'old' Level 3 Diploma which had been susbtantially more in depth then the 'new' Level 3 Diploma!) decided they had 'had enough' and the first Centralia Centre meeting was held in a rugby club in South Wales.   As a group of reflexology teachers who were all dedicated to passing on our knowledge, it felt that we were being given a new chance, a new beginning after the educational and training chaos of the previous couple of years.   Once again we were able to avoid mistakes made previously and recognised the need to all work together, all take ownership of what and how we teach and for the first time ever, we were all happy to share our expertise and knowledge with one another for the benefit of our students.  

Centralia and the Centres continue to thrive and although there are 'rules' to follow as a Centre the ethos of being a co-operative is paramount as we move forward together.

In June of 2016 the units were reviewed and renamed as the Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology qualification.  After a very potted history of Centralia, here are the brief details of what being a Centralia Centre (CC) entails:

  • Each CC has to agree to sign a Memorandum of Understanding which includes:
  • Teaching 'face to face' a minimum of 160 hours - the qualification has 79 credits which equates to 790 hours to complete the qualification.   160 of these 790 hours must be class based with a tutor
  • Every CC agrees to the same minimum fee for the training course and this is reviewed each year 
  • We meet annually to review our qualification and its content and share best practice
  • Tutors must have teaching qualifications equivalent to a level 5 and must have been in practice for an equivalent of 3 years full time
  • Each of the five units has Centralia Base Guidance Notes to ensure that all CC's deliver a standardised syllabus
  • Every unit has assessments that must be passed by every learner to achieve the qualification.   This ensures standardisation of both practical and theoretical expertise
  • Centralia has a team of Internal Verifiers who quality assure via an annual visit and verify the evidence of assessment from every learner
  • NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody (NEPIP) is taught as a Centralia technique to ensure equality of practical provision to all learners

Becoming a Centralia Centre

After you make contact with Centralia and provide details of your own qualifications, we will discuss where it is you want to set up your Centre as we have a general rule of 30 miles between CC's unless in a highly populated urban area.  After the preliminary's, you will then be invited to attend a two day Induction training programme which covers the unit content, together with instruction on administrative procedures.   The fee is currently £1,500.00 (2017/2018)

Are you interested?

Please have a look at the map on this website that shows where existing Centralia Centres are located and if you think you can fill a geographical gap, please get in touch by telephone or email and we will look forward to discussing your exciting new venture ...

To Contact Centralia  - CLICK HERE


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