• the ONLY authorised route to Level 5 training
  • CENTRALIA : Agored Cymru
  • Centralia provides access to the Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

  • Centralia is an independent Approved Centre,
    fully regulated by the Awarding and Qualification Organisation Agored Cymru.

Centralia will commit to providing the support and information needed to help a new staff member of Centralia or one of its Partner Centres.

We will:

Provide a structured and comprehensive induction programme to give a firm grounding in our:

  1. Policies
  2. Procedures
  3. Systems

Centralia and its Partnership Centres will undertake to offer all the personal support and development required to understand the team's role and Centralia's work as a whole.

All Centralia staff will attend standardisation and training seminars and if felt necessary, the opportunity to attend training seminars will also be offered to the Partnership Centres of Centralia.