• the ONLY authorised route to Level 5 training
  • CENTRALIA : Agored Cymru
  • Centralia provides access to the Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

  • Centralia is an independent Approved Centre,
    fully regulated by the Awarding and Qualification Organisation Agored Cymru.

All units are fully accredited by Agored Cymru, who are a QCF and CQFW Awarding Organisation in Wales.

Agored Cymru works within Wales to support credit based learning opportunities from levels E to 7, and has been working with credit based learning for almost 30 years.

  • The Level 5 suite of reflexology units was written by Sue Alma Evans, Principal Lecturer of Inspira Academy of Reflexology (Wales) in association with the Agored Cymru Curriculum Development Manager for Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine to map to the Centralia programme.
  • The copyright of these units is owned by Agored Cymru and the copyright of the course content is owned by Centralia.
  • The units are fully mapped to National Occupational Standards (NOS) and the current Reflexology Core Curriculum standards.
  • The units may be accessed by other Reflexology Training Centres outside Wales as long as the learners are registered with an Agored Cymru Approved Centre in Wales i.e. Centralia and meet all Agored Cymru licence requirements for assessment, verification and standardisation.
  • Centralia work with candidates who are studying at HE1 level.

In Wales, the new QCF is only one part of a wider credit based framework that has been available since devolution in Wales (1999). One of the other 'pillars' is for credit based curriculum that underpins or augments regulated qualifications such as HEI degrees, and qualifications on the QCF and NQF. It is called the Quality Assured Lifelong Learning (QALL) pillar and is Wales specific and it is within this pillar that the units have been placed. The quality assurance requirements for QALL assessment, verification and standardisation are the same as the QCF.